How to take care of your Fishing Cast Net.

How to take care of your Fishing Cast Net.Tips on how to take care of you Fishing Cast Net.Reel Sharp specializes in fishing with live bait, a good cast net can be an great tool.It pays to invest in a quality net, and most of us prefer a panel net, one in which several triangular monofilament panels are sewn together to form the circular net. A quality panel net will provide you with years of use, given an appropriate level of care, and as long as you don’t throw it over too many rocks. Nets must be cared for after each trip or you will soon be looking for a new one. Cast-net care really is a simple matter and usually involves hanging the net from a fence or tree to spread the mesh, then washing it good with fresh water from a  hose to remove salt, slime, scales and other junk.It is very important to not leaving the net hanging in the sun for too long, however. it is easy to forget about the net hanging in the sun but that will shorten it life spam quickly. Your net should be stored dry in  five-gallon buckets, and they can be soaked in those buckets with fresh water and a cap full of Downy fabric softener to restore the net’s flexibility from time to time as they get older.

Fishing Cast Net.
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