Charter Fishing – What to Bring

Charter fishing - fun for the whole family!Charter Fishing – What to Bring

Sea Sickness – We advise all charter fishing passengers that are weary about sea sickness to take a sea sickness pill the night before and morning of your scheduled charter fishing trip. Be sure to consult a physician. There is no refund offered for sea sickness.

Proper Attire – Proper footwear is necessary due to wet conditions on the fishing boat. Please note dark soled shoes may scuff the boat’s deck. We recommend a hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jacket and any other protective wear — better safe than sorry!

Food and Drink – Though food and drink is not included in your charter fishing adventure, the fishing boat is equipped with a large cooler for your refreshment convenience.

Included Expenses – Bait, tackle and fishing license are included in charter prices.

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