Offshore Fishing in Islamorada


Offshore charter fishing in the summer in Islamorada is  usually prime time for Dolphin fishing or Mahi Mahi. Many of our summer days in the Florida Keys can be flat calm and the lack of wind and wave action can drive the fish down deeper. On some days sportfishing offshore, the Reel Sharp will look for a sign of a piece of debris, trash or anything floating that may act as a haven for small bait fish.Captain Marc Toledo will scan the horizon through his binoculars, on these deep sea fishing trips, looking debris which can sometimes hold 100’s of Mahi’s.Some days when it is flat calm in the Florida Keys you just need to drive and drive and put in the time to find something. Here is a photo of a classic piece of debris the Reel Sharp sportfishing team found the other day on our charter trip that was loaded up with Mahi’s. There will also be Wahoo’s ,Triple Tails, Sharks and other species on these chunks of debris.So when fishing offshore don’t be afraid to burn some gas and keep your eyes open, as you never know what the gulf stream has floating in it offshore


For the previous Fishing Report here’s the link for you convenience.

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