Mangrove Snapper Spawn July 17, 2014

Its that time of year again! The Mangrove Snapper Spawn is in full swing!

Last night we took a lovely family from Miami out to fish the mangrove snapper spawn. It happens each year on the full moon in July. We left the dock at 7:30pm to catch a magnificent sunset. The seas were flat calm with a variable wind out of the SW . We caught the ending of slack tide,and set the anchor in 60ft of water, and threw out the chum bag. The moon rose at around 10:00pm.As we waited, we caught a couple dozen pilchards that were feeding in our chum slick. The sounder slowly started marking more and more fish on the bottom as we got closer to the rising moon. At about 9:30pm the action picked up and we were hooked up with 2-4 snappers at a time. We were drifting back chunks of ballyhoo to the snappers that were almost eating out of the bag! We caught 7-8 snappers that where in the 5-7lb class on the pilchards, and finished with our limit of 25 and a few reef sharks in about an hours’ time. Great light tackle action!


Image of Snapper caught in the Islamorada Florida area.

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