Deep Sea Fishing – January 21, 2014

The offshore fishing has been on and off for Sails the last week. Most days boats where getting 1 to 2 fish, and a few days ago, the Sails went off by the wreck called the Eagle and most boats got from 5 to 10 fish that day. The cigar minnows have been easy to catch and the Ballyhoo has been fair at the light. Sometimes they zone in on a certain bait, so having a variety of baits will help. Also keep your leader size down to 20 or 30 pound when they won’t eat a bait.You might lose a few on 20 lb but at least you can get the shy ones to take a bait. The bite has been between the Eagle and south to Caloosa Can and in the deeper water 125 to 140 feet has been the best.There was a few boats that got into the Cobias a few days ago with a report of a 61 lb fish caught.There has been some good Kingfish action on the wrecks and a few Black Fin Tunas caught as well.

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