Islamorada Fishing Report – Kite Fishing

Kite Fishing
In today’s Islamorada Fishing Report, we talk about Kite Fishing which is one of the methods that we use on the Reel Sharp to catch fish like Sailfish, Tuna, and Mahi in the Florida Keys.
Kite fishing offshore in Islamorada, allows a larger path of water to be covered. In addition offshore Kite fishing holds keeps the live bait at the surface, where the swimming and thrashing dispatches vibrations that excite any fish in the area.
Kite fishing on our deep sea charters lets the baits hang from the kite,  thus the terminal hardware and leaders remain above the surface, out of sight of the fish. Some of our offshore charters, we fly 2 kites and use a sea anchor to keep the bow into the seas or slow our drift down. Captain Marc rigs the kites so one flies more to port side and the other to starboard. You can do this, by adding split shots to the opposite ­upper or lower corners of each kite.
Captain Marc Toledo, likes to use baits like goggle-eyes, blue runners, thread fin herring and cigar minnows for kite fishing.When kite fishing you need a good team, to monitor each kite to keep the baits at the surface and watch for the bites.You will need to constantly adjust the high of your bait so it is just on the surface. You do not want your leaders and floats getting  to the water as this will lesson the amount of bites that you will get.
If a Sailfish comes up on a kite bait, reel the bait to the ­surface so the leader is out of the water. This will keep the chance of the fish becoming bill wrapped when it eats. Pop the line out of the release clip when he eats the bait,and point the rod tip  at the sailfish and reel. The rod should be pointed right at the fish, so when you get in all the slack line and the line starts peeling off the reel, the pressure sets the circle hook in the corner of their mouth.This a great and very productive way to fish live baits offshore here in the Florida Keys.
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