Islamorada Fishing Report Feb. 19, 2015

Here's our Islamorada Fishing Report Feb. 19, 2015  Here’s our Islamorada Fishing Report Feb. 19, 2015

So today was a beautiful day in Islamorada, high of 77 degrees. Nice and sunny out, winds about 12-15knots out of the SW. Seas were 2-4ft. Bait was nice and easy today, we caught a live cigar minnows, sardines, ballyhoos and brought some live shrimp with us. We started off fishing for snappers in the shallow patches and we were able to pull up a couple mutton snappers and some mangroves. We were using live shrimp and cigar minnows. After that we headed into deepwaters and drifted over some of our local wrecks in 130ft. We caught king fish, almaco jacks and some lane snapper. Ended with a nice mix bag of great eating fish to take home.

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