Fishing trick and tips

Here a some fishing trick and tips to on your next fishing trips to make sure you’ll got the fish.
With The beginning of Dolphin (Mahi) fishing starting here are a few of the ways we like to catch these fish.The Reel Sharp from World Wide Sportsman Bayside Marina in Islamorada, Florida, prefers to sight fish for dolphin with medium spinning gear. We use 20 to 30 lb spinning reels with 6 foot medium action rods. We tie a double line with a Bimini twist and then connect that to a 3 foot piece of 50 lb leader. When the bigger fish are around on our offshore trips we go to 30 lb only and then 80 lb leader.
On our charter fishing trips we use a Mustad #7766 5/0 hook Sportfishing offshore requires a big tower which lets us spot big fish holding around weed lines or debris. The Big fish make a wake that you can often see from 200 yards away when it’s calm.. If the wind is blowing, we use frigate birds to help find them. Islamorada and the Florida Keys has many places with rips that consistently hold ­flying fish that attract big dolphin.The prime season for the Keys is April through August In the early migration, we  focuses on depths of 400 to 600 feet. As we get into their summer pattern, we will fish as far as 1000 to 2000 feet of water.
The Florida Keys have a vast amount of live baits and we are big fans of live bait, mainly cigar minnows and pilchards. We take the hook through both lips so it won’t double back the hook I also like to twitch the bait so the fish hear and see it.If you have a hard time getting live bait on your Dolphin fishing trip inshore, don’t be afraid to look for bait in the weedlines offshore as you start fishing. Sportfishing in the Florida Keys for Dolphin can also be down with  fresh squid or chunks of bonito.
So when we find an area offshore that looks fishy, we will run one plain ballyhoo off an ­outrigger or a small feather as a  offering while we look for bird activity If you see a few terns working an area, thats a good sign that there are some fish in the area.
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