Best Restaurants in Islamorada

For today’s post we are going to bring you some list of the Best Restaurants in Islamorada. Not only Islamorada is known for the best fishing spots and the warmest place to stay during winter, Islamorada also offers some best places to eat on your stay on the island.

here are the list.

City Hall Cafe

They do what we call “cook your catch” where our customers bring the fish they caught on our charters and bring them into the restaurant and they cook them many different ways. The fish tacos are a town favorite.


Lazy days

This is one of the more popular restaurants in town. They have 100s of different recipes and styles for cooking fish. Again another place that “cooks your catch” they specialize in family style dinning where they serve your fish in many styles on one big platter. We enjoy dinners there quite regularly.


Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant

Has the decades of culinary experience that can solve your cravings with seafood in your visit at Islamorada. Offers the freshest seafood and can be served as well based on your cooking preference. Their house specialties which are Squid Rings and Smoked Fish will surely be remembered by your tongue and you wouldn’t forget the day you visited the island.



Experience a world-class dining in one of Islamorada’s top restaurants. Eat the freshest seafood caught on nearby waters.



The world famous Green Turtle Inn Restaurant, serving good food and unforgettable memories in Islamorada for about decades now. Enjoy with their daily specialties and entertainment on your experience in Green Turtle’s.


Some of these restaurants recommends Reel Sharp Sportfishing to their customer whose not only up for the good food but also the best fishing experience.




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